We are all pieces 

of the same puzzle:

Uniquely Different 

Uniquely Gifted !

Together we UNIQUELY fit 

into God's amazing possibilities ! 

We are missing your piece!

Join us for the journey!

We welcome all into the life of the community.
Together we discover the Light and Love of Jesus made real in new & amazing ways!
Together we experience God's love through how we love, care & respect one another.
Together we seek to invite others to the amazing Love of God through how we live.

Come and be together with us anytime! 
Whether we are together for a brief moment, a day, a week, a month, or a lifetime;
your presence will add to the abundant blessings we have been given. 

Salem United Church of Christ: 324 Walnut Street: PO 429; Columbia, PA 17512 


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