Mini Straightener: How to choose, test, review and compare the best models

A mini straightener is, as its name implies, a small straightener with narrower plates. Ideal for slip into travel bags, this device does not envy the performance of a large model. On the contrary! Indeed, this last one allows as well to change of head that one has slightly wavy hair, rather curly or downright kinky. What are the characteristics of this hair accessory and especially how to choose?

The 4 best mini straighteners

Remington - S2880 Straightini - Mini Straightener
KIPOZI Mini Hair Straightener Ceramic Hair Straightener Travel Size With Small Kit Double Voltage Heater
BESTOPE Hair Straightener, Straightener 25.4mm With Anion Ceramic Plates, LCD Screen, Dual Voltage, Adjustable Temperature, Off ...
BaByliss - GPB004E - Mini Travel Straightener Black

Description and use of a mini straightener

The mini straightener is a very practical beauty accessory with which to quickly comb your hair no longer needs to go through a specialist. Just like the straightener, the small version is in the form of a long forceps of about 15 cm surmounted by two hotplates. Narrower and also shorter, they are usually between 2 and 2.5 cm thick.

The mini straightener is known by several other designations and may be so-called pocket straightener, travel straightener or nomadic straightener. It is used in the same way as a traditional hair straightener after shampooing. To this end, it quickly reaches a constant heat of 200 ° C, ideal for disciplining normal hair. The other main difference noticed is the absence of the adjustable knob provided to adjust the temperature emitted by the plates.

With a mini straightener, the smoothing motion will be slower than with a larger model. The hair must then be completely dry and coated with a smoothing cream that will serve to protect it from heat. To obtain an impeccable result, users with long hair will leave 5 cm from the scalp. This will prevent flattening the roots and thus allow to obtain a maximum of volume. Especially for short hair, the plates should stay a little longer in contact with the hair at 2 or 3 cm from the base.

The different advantages of a mini straightener

The mini straightener offers many benefits given its small size. Indeed, these narrow plates are more easily attacking beards and locks of short hair or up to about 20 cm. This saves time in daily preparation. It is also ideal for retouching on short fringes and very tough tips.

Practical tool, the straightener travel is also very easy to carry during a trip without its performance is thereby diminished. We can put it in a tote bag or a makeup bag to go to a party. Similarly, it takes up very little space in the bathroom and can be stored safely. And since it is lightweight, using it becomes child's play.

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Secrets of a beautiful dermato skin: the beauty prescription of Maryna Taïeb, 60 years old

Fruit acids cream in winter, total screen all year round. Soup, gym and sheathing for this specialist in facial aesthetic medicine.

A veteran of aesthetic medicine for twenty-five years, Maryna Taïeb has specialized in facial treatment and hair implants.

"The body excites me less, admits the expert. For me, the important thing is that the patient feels in harmony with what she is and what she seems . It does not please anyone to grow old, but the goal is to be able to look at yourself feeling good and assuming your age . The goal is not to make an ideal portrait but to allow the woman to be better in her skin. In aesthetics, there is nothing necessary. "

Body washing oil and vitamin C for the face

Being a woman in a hurry, I'm showering with Avene XeraCalm AD Laver's Wash Oil so I do not have to hydrate myself. In the morning, on the face, I put on a moisturizing day cream, Vivacy Styling, or an antioxidant Vitamin C treatment from SkinCeuticals, Dermaceutic or Eneomey.

Every night, I apply a fruit acid cream, Skin Active Regenerating Cellular Night NeoStrata for skin renewal and beautiful skin effect. And when it stings too much, I put it only every other night. In summer, I replace fruit acids with moisturizing care.

Its do's and do's for a beautiful skin

I do not do 

As I regularly use fruit acids, I do not need to make a mask or scrub. I am lucky to have a nice skin because I have been paying attention to the sun since always.

I always apply a total screen, Daylong Actinica, especially on the neckline, which I protect even more than the rest. On the face, I cheat with self-tanner. I do not do body scrub, except institute, and I do not make up, I just enhance my mine with Terracotta Guerlain.

My favorite products 
NeoStrata brand and Uriage Isolift Face Cream.

The thing I'm afraid of
The lifting of the thighs and arms, because of the scars.

What I find the most fabulous
The hyaluronic acid , an extraordinary tool for immediate results.

What disappointed me the most 
The remodeling lasers, we have not yet found the ideal machine.

I eat healthy, fresh and balanced , I eat light-soup, fish, vegetables- I avoid industrial dishes, I'm very careful and in reality, I deprive myself permanently. I am always on a diet and I am always hungry. I'm greedy but I just take a dessert to grow.

I do not have time to play tennis anymore so I play gym with a coach at home. It makes me suffer with cracks, squats, abs and sheathing. In summer, I swim as much as possible.